At Home

At Home

What do you want to be when you grow up? This age old question can be overwhelming to consider. Use the Career Guide, Discussion Starters, and the new Self-Paced Module to encourage your child to explore the many exciting careers in advanced manufacturing.

Investigate the Manufacture Your Future career tools.


Family Discussion Starters

Discussion starters offer thought provoking ideas that underscore manufacturing’s critical role in society and outline its rewarding careers, and provide a way to engage with your student to facilitate conversations on future career goals.

Career Guide

Explore this comprehensive tool with pre-and post assessments of students’ knowledge of manufacturing, an overview of the manufacturing industry, and a survey to identify career interest areas and match them to manufacturing careers.

Student Self-Paced Module

Investigate the applications of 3D printing, robotics, and computers to discover how each of these technologies help teams of manufacturers solve complex problems that improve processes, products, and people’s lives. Explore the relationship between advanced manufacturing careers and the products they build that shape our world.