Do you have what it makes? Dive in and explore the digital learning module to discover the skills and technologies that help manufacturers solve real world problems.

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Educators & Counselors

Encourage your students to manufacture the future with standards-based lesson plans designed to develop key STEM and critical thinking skills.

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Investigate the Manufacture Your Future career tools and discussion starters to introduce your child to exciting opportunities in advanced manufacturing.

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Virtual Field Trips

Come along on a virtual tour of advanced manufacturing plants around the world to meet the teams using STEM concepts to create products that power our everyday lives.

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About Manufacture Your Future

Arconic Foundation and Discovery Education have partnered to provide 3rd-12th grade educators, administrators, school counselors and families with materials to cultivate the next generation of manufacturing leaders and innovators. New lesson plans and self-paced module are rooted in STEM principles, and counselor and family resources explore career options and provide a school-to-home connection.

Manufacture Your Future is a proud recipient of prestigious awards for excellence in children's products.

Educators & Counselors

Two people examining machinery

Incorporate real-life manufacturing examples into everyday learning with these interactive, standards-based STEM lesson plans and videos. Resources provide hands-on learning for 3rd-12th grade teachers and students, as well as the key skills necessary to design a future career in manufacturing.

Parents & Students

A class assembled around a table

Discover the resources you need to have informative conversations at home about developing a stimulating career in manufacturing. The Career Guide highlights skills, academic qualifications, and future job market information, and the digital learning module allows students to investigate how people in those careers work together to solve problems and create the products that shape our world.

Virtual Field Trips

Metal being smelted

Take your students on a virtual tour of Arconic advanced manufacturing plants around the world to experience high-tech robotics in action and meet the teams of engineers, designers, and innovators using STEM on the job. Classroom companion activities help you dive deeper into the concepts explored on screen and continue to develop critical thinking skills.

Partner Spotlight

Arconic Foundation is proud to partner with like-minded organizations to support the next generation of manufacturing leaders and innovators.